Flow Of People

Transform your workforce
through visibility

Mining workforce transformation that endures

In most mines, labour costs represent over 50% of the overall operational expenditure, so ensuring teams are effective is critical.  Identifying gaps in productive effort through understanding deviations from plan is essential in improving workplace performance.  Pyrite – Labour Utilisation enables workplace transformation by giving the leaders real-time and trend knowledge of whether their operational plans are being executed and how effective they are.  By bringing together your mine’s existing systems that identify, authorise and locate people, Pyrite builds a robust Operational Model unique to the mine.  It then:

  • Accepts shift plans, or infers them dynamically using the unique “Workplace Reckoner”
  • Compares actual to expected deployment
  • Reports and analyses exceptions

Gain insight and act quickly

Pyrite provides the insights needed to verify and improve the flow of people through the mine.  After determining an individual’s shift and workplace, patterns of behaviour are collected and when outside the allowable tolerance, exceptions are reported on a shift, contractor, crew or level basis:

  • If time-to-deploy to a particular level is detected – cage or transport schedules can be evaluated and improved
  • If one contractor’s time-on-tools is materially better than another’s, that can be recognised and rewarded
  • If an individual or team is repeatedly late or slow to a workplace, this can be addressed and root cause determined

Improve safety and security

Gain visibility at all times as to personnel’s last read location
Determine by name, mine number or company whether a person or people have clocked out
Know which personnel were last seen on a particular workplace
Block personnel from entering mine without PPE
Block personnel from leaving mine with tagged equipment

Flow of People


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