Our Technology

Flexible Software and robust Operational Data Model
overlays Innovative Communications Infrastructure

Operational Data Model

APC’s Operational Data Model brings together the data about people and assets in the mine.   That data exists in a multitude of systems: Human Resources, Security, Engineering, Enterprise and Manufacturing Resource Planning and Payroll, among others.   APC creates a Master Data model that assimilates the data in all these systems into a single database, and cleanses that data for use as the Operational Data Model.

Distributed System Intelligence

APC’s Data Collectors are stand-alone – capturing and buffering data independent of system connectivity or power.  This ensures that the resulting information can be relied upon as complete and accurate.

Flexible Production And Downtime Analysis Software

APC’s Production Analysis software gives accurate, detailed analysis of Production outcomes and downtime, waste causes and locations, with full data analysis available for every shift, day, week and month.

Innovative Communications Infrastructure

APC’s Digital Drift infrastructure solves the key problems in underground network design – ease of advance and maintenance, power distribution and ease of connectivity.  Digital Drift is a broadband, multiservice network that can be installed, maintained and extended by tradesmen with no special tools or knowledge.

Customisable Digital Signage and Content Distribution

A critical factor to ensure that information supports decision making is its visibility.  APC’s Digital Signage platform allows the melding of multiple sources of information into compelling digital content, and allows that content to be managed centrally.   Information where and when it is needed.