Operational Data Model

Synchronises data from HR, security and other operational systems
to build and maintain a Master Data repository unique to your mine

What it is

APC Global’s Operational Data Model is a unique, consolidated model that enables a mine to link all of its critical
data around mine assets and people to a single Master Data file that provides a single source of truth.

Why it is important

A Master Operational Data Model is critical as it removes inconsistencies, duplications, errors, omissions and other anomalies that arise when systems are required to access multiples sources of data.  Without it, initiatives are not aligned and existing systems are not used to their full potential.

How it is different

APC’s Master Operational Data Model (ODM) facilitates business results from multiple system architectures, platforms and applications.  It applies rules to the data when there is contention, so that there is only ever one “winning” value for a particular parameter.    APC’s Systems Engineers work with clients to cleanse and maintain the data to ensure long-term confidence in it, which translates to confidence in the information that the system generates.