What We Do

Solutions to optimise critical processes:
people movement, ore and material flow.

Operational expenses in mining have a heavy dependency on labour costs,
frequently exceeding half of the total Opex, production costs and materials.
Improvement in the productivity of labour, primary assets and material use
leads to sustained business improvement.

APC Rapidly evaluates existing
capability and functionality in:
  • Business And Operational
  • Management Visualisation
    And Reporting
  • Communication InfrastructureCommunication
For the key processes in the mining operation:

Typical results from these operations and systems audits include

  • Business improvement opportunities
  • Existing systems not being used to their full potential
  • Workforce initiatives not aligned across groups
  • Measures and associated data which have no System of Record or are difficult to access and interpret
  • Data duplication and inconsistency across systems

Flow Of People Improvement

Pyrite – Labour Utilisation from APC Global Systems provides the insights needed to verify and transform the performance of your workforce.   Using existing or newly deployed infrastructure, it identifies areas of under-utilisation and delivers simple, easy-to-action information to operational staff.

Flow Of Ore Improvement

APC Production Analysis gives accurate insights into Overall Equipment Effectiveness and its impact on production outcomes.  It shows utilisation and availability for fixed and mobile assets in real time against plan, along with reasons for downtime.  This allows management to improve performance as well as identify and remove constraints in the flow of ore.

Flow Of Materials Improvement

APC’s V-Store is a management tool for free issue items such as PPE, returnable items such as tools, and critical spares.  It is used in stores which are “off book”, outside the ERP system, typically with 100 to 2,000 items.  V-Store manages behaviour, not process by building accountability into the distribution and consumption of materials.  Statistics are used to identify unusual levels of issue to provide exception reports.  A “returnables” module manages tools.  It can be integrated to provide the missing link in critical spares management.

Quality Assurance

APC’s QA system assists in the implementation of a process control plan and highlights exceptions in both adherence and compliance.  It reports by exception and shows a live view of the line with comprehensive statistics which assure control over a quality program.  The results are real improvements in quality KPIs, and a reduction in raw material usage and finished product waste.