Digital Signage & Content Distribution

Easily design, distribute and manage
compelling information and video

What It Is

A visualisation system incorporating a simple, user-configurable platform for customising, managing and distributing visual messaging, graphics, audio and video.  It also offers a logical and intuitive desktop access to vision from anywhere in your mine

Why it is important

Underground mining perfected the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” though it has been proven time and again that visibility of operations is the single most critical factor in achieving optimum productivity and safety.  Furthermore, mining requires constant, clear communications of production and safety objectives, results, and alerts.  Bringing this together in a clear, easy-to-read format, suitable for display on monitors around the mine, requires a digital signage system that allows rapid integration of different information in a way that is compelling and easy to keep fresh.

How it is different

While video and camera technology has long been available, it has not been widely deployed in mines due to cost and complexity of setup and maintenance, as well as the availability of communications and power where it is needed.  Using Digital Drift Infrastructure, these barriers are eliminated, and MineVision opens up a world of insight into the root causes of threats to productivity and safety.  For digital signage, content is often sourced from different systems, some automated, and some manual, in many different formats and styles.  MineVision brings these together in an easy-to-maintain system which is managed locally or by APC.