Distributed System Intelligence

Remote data collection, independent
of network and power.

What It Is

A system that distributes its data acquisition, control and processing capabilities to points as close as possible to
the sources of data. These points do not require continuous network connectivity or power to function.

Why it is important

Most systems for monitoring flows have distributed sensors, readers and other telemetry that rely upon a network connection to a central server for processing and logging.  When power is interrupted, or connectivity is broken temporarily, the data is typically lost, and processing does not continue. This means that the information inferred from the data collected will be incomplete or corrupted and thus cannot be relied upon to support good decisions.

How it is different

APC’s systems all use standalone data collector appliances.  They run locally, have battery backup and are able to buffer all the data collected even during network and power outages.   When the power or network is restored, this data is uploaded to the central server ensuring no omissions or duplication with existing stored data, ensuring the highest possible level of data integrity.  Consequently, the information can be relied upon as complete and accurate.  Data collectors are available for many common devices, and new ones can be added quickly and easily.