Innovative Communications Infrastructure

Build a high-speed underground network
with the ease and cost of Leaky Feeder

What It Is

Digital Drift Communications Infrastructure is unique hybrid technology that distributes power and data over easy to maintain, inexpensive coaxial cable.  It delivers broadband performance at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of fibre-based systems.

Why it is important

While APC’s systems use any existing open standards Ethernet infrastructure, getting data from remote or difficult to access locations in the mine is often difficult.   The ability to readily extend cabling without specialist skills is critical, and access to power supplies is always challenging, not to mention expensive to deploy where they are needed.   APC offers Digital Drift Communications Infrastructure, an innovative system that solves the issues of connectivity, power distribution and ease of deployment in a unique way.

How it is different

The Digital Drift eliminates the need to have separate power distribution to end points.   The system transmits both power and data down an Ultra-low-resistance coaxial cable, providing broadband, fibre-like performance with semi-skilled deployment using no specialised tools.   PoE+ devices may be tapped off the cable at any point using the QuadPort device, and UPS power needs only to be provided every 1 to 2 km.

Within the QuadPort, a managed 4-port Layer 2 switch is provided, allowing integration with the existing distribution network and the deployment of any Ethernet end-point device.   These devices support VLANs and QoS, remote management, LLDP and AVB, and are easily configurable in the field by tradespeople.