Why Choose APC?

Solutions to optimise critical processes:
People Movement, Ore and Material Flow.

Technical Consulting

Our teams first develop a detailed understanding of the operational opportunities and issues to be solved.  They elicit status and requirements, socialising, then presenting our understanding and candidate solutions to stakeholders.  Existing infrastructure and systems in use are assessed, as re-use and re-purposing of existing investments can be often incorporated into the solution.  In some cases, costly systems which have fallen into disuse will be revived through this process.

APC designs physical and logical communications networks and other infrastructure to support the solution.  A unique operational data model of the mine to consolidate the site’s Master Data is developed as part of the systems and data flow design.

When physical and systems design is concluded, implementation commences.   Upon commissioning, data collected is analysed and presented in a variety of ways to stakeholders to determine the best means of visualisation to facilitate action, targeted to specific managers and organisational levels.  We then work to ensure that information is unlocked from data and distilled to provide rapid interpretation and decision support.

Our best endorsement is being asked back to repeat the process at another shaft or site.

Lean Production Principles

Our methods are designed to strategically engage the client and align business requirements with the business improvement methodology.  There are many consultants in the market that advocate the use of one improvement method to solve problems.  Our experience has shown us that for specific situations one improvement method may be better than another and we work with the client to identify which makes most sense.  Quite often in mining, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis allows results to be stated in a form which allows comparison between sites or shafts.  OEE measurement is also commonly used as a key performance indicator in conjunction with lean production efforts to provide an indicator.