Quality Assurance

Manage product quality and
production performance

What it is

Statistical Process Control made easy

APC QA Pro is a full featured, comprehensive, statistical process control package incorporating manual and automatic data capture  from PLCs, gauges, counters and other equipment.  It offers an extensive range of analysis, as well as pre-canned and customisable reports and displays.  Its flexible setup allows benchmarking and reporting by line, process, test and product.

Quality Assurance for FMCG and Packaging

Statistical Process Control is critical for the maintenance of quality standards of manufactured products by ensuring that the process is stopped when parameters deviate from expectation.  APC QA is Statistical Process Control made easy and more.  It provides the capability to monitor processes to meet the most stringent expectations, while at the same time report on them against any given product, at any given time.  The software is proven and robust being used over more than 10 years, yet it maintains flexibility to grow and adapt as sensors and gauges evolve.  Its centralised data base allows the benchmarking of multiple remote operations against corporate standards, eliminating silo cultures across disparate sites.

Production Analysis for FMCG and Packaging

APC PA PRO extends the data capture and recording strength of APC QA PRO.  Further statistical analyses provides measures and alerts regarding the relative state of control of a given process via variability norms, changes and trends.  This in addition to more traditional Lean Manufacture measures including OEE and PE, as examples.  Live data visualisation and reporting, developed with years of experience alongside manufacturing professionals, provides exceptional management efficiency in assessing performance and potential corrective action.

APC’s cross industry experience has created unmatched flexibility in and reliability of automated data capture and near-source storage.   Once captured, the system buffers data storage as near to source as practical, dealing with the asynchronous events caused by network and power outages.

The combined application of both APC QA PRO and APC PA PRO creates further synergies in efficient and effective production management, particularly in understanding the interplay between quality and output.