Flexible Production And Downtime Analysis Software

Link actual results to plan,
and identify root cause of variances

What It Is

A simple, user-friendly system for detecting downtime on a fixed or mobile asset,  prompting the operator for the reason, then collating and analysing trends.

Why it is important

There are many “out of the box” products for reporting on production and downtime.   Few of them lend themselves to the specific requirements of each mine, where production numbers are impacted by many variables in the flow of ore.   Fewer still allow rapid customisation of reports, and the integration of planning information.   Linking planned downtimes to the availability of assets is crucial in determining true availability, and linking actual downtimes to the reports allows rapid insight into utilisation of availability.

How it is different

APC’s systems use existing or retrofitted telemetry onto primary assets, fixed and mobile.  They use existing or new communications infrastructure, thus bringing production information back to a central database.  APC also captures planned downtimes from Engineering systems, spreadsheets, or manual input.   It thus links the traditionally distant departments of engineering and production at the planning stage of a shift to produce planned availability of all assets.

Customised reports are available rapidly which overlay production information and downtimes on the plan – and exceptions are generated when actuals are outside set parameters.