Delivering Systems that bring
enduring value to mining
and manufacturing

Solutions to optimise critical processes:
people movement, ore and material flow.

What We Do

Recommending, designing, deploying and maintaining systems that transform productivity

APC Global Systems is a provider of solutions for optimising overall asset and personnel effectiveness.  Our systems bring awareness and real-time visibility to processes whose flow is impacted by many variables.  We apply Lean Production techniques and tools to identify root causes of inefficiency in various mining and manufacturing processes, specifically around People, Ore and Material Flow.  Our specialty is in improving those key value-creating processes and embedding the behavioural change required to sustain that improvement.

Why Choose APC?

APC ensures that your project delivers value and endures.

In mining, 80% of Business Improvement projects fail.  Either they fail to be executed properly,
or they fail to become embedded in the organisation.  APC Global ensures that projects deliver value
by committing to on-site support as long as is required to ensure sustainability.  We establish local teams,
sourced from within your operation, and our personnel remain in place to train and mentor them.
Our projects maximise enduring value to mining operations.

Case Studies

August 22, 2016 in Case Study, Flow Of People

Flow of Ore

ResultsIncreased hoist efficiency from 70.9% to 78.3%, average daily tonnes lifted from 3559t to 4663t, and improved average daily revenue by $125,000. ToolsThe tools being used for this case study... Read More
August 22, 2016 in Case Study, Flow Of People

Flow Of People Optimisation

ResultsAchieved an annual reduction in unproductive time equivalent to over $1 Million ToolsThe tools being used for this case study are as follow duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in... Read More
August 16, 2016 in Case Study, Flow Of Ore

Taking The Past To World Class : Building A Training Centre

ResultsDeployed all APC systems rapidly, contributing to a halving of the expected build and commission time for the Training Centre ToolsThe tools being used for this case study are as... Read More